Monday, July 5, 2010


Katherine, Alyssa, and Desi came up to windy Idaho to get out of the heat! They were hungry because they left at 6:00 in the morning so we had chicken salad sandwitches. Then they all went to sleep except Desi. Desi and I ran to the bank but it was closed because of the holiday. Now Desi is helping me set up a blog and she is typing this right now!!! ( Grandma is telling me what to say though!)this is as far as we got in July.

I have just spent an hour writing a new blog and lost it all so I will try it again. The best time of Summer is when some of my Children come to Idaho. While the girls were here we took a drive to Jackson WY, and on to Yellowstone. We spent a short time in Jackson did a little shopping and ate our lunch there in a park. We drove on to Teton Park area took our time stopped to take pictures. Then on into Yellowstone Park. We go to the park quite often most each year when the kids come up so we did not spend much time looking at things we did see bison, and elk, got some pictures of them.
We had tickets to the Play Mills to see Seven Brothers and Seven Brides, We aways enjoy the show at the Playmills and of course we have to have Pizza at Petes, as Desi says it is tradition, then there is the long drive home thanks to Katherine she drives home.
When I am with the kids either here or at there place we go to a movie that is about the only time I go. We went to Letters to Juliet it is a real good movie only I slept though most of it. At least I did get to see it a few weeks later Marjorie and I went to it, I saw it all this time.
The rest of the summer I do a little yard work when it need to be done. I read a lot.

We have the Bill Reeds family reuion at the Farm, those of the family that can come, it is always fun to see brothers and sister and their families we are now to the part where we have greatgrandchildren, we spend the after noon some times we go up to the old house it is falling down little by little. It is so beautiful up there you can see all the fields many miles up the country to the mountains, looking east and west way down in the valley to Ririe, and some of the Snake River, you go up on the hill back of the house and can see many more fields to the south.

When winter comes it is the time I go to AZ, and CA where the girls live, I go to visit Curtis off and on other times and I also get to see the college grand kids that go to BYU and curtis's kids and my great grandchildren.

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