Saturday, July 17, 2010

South America/Antarctic Cruise w/ Iguazu Falls

I am starting with the last tour ,and Cruise I have taken I travel most of the time with Marjorie Sargent. We left Salt Lake airport January 8, 2010 to LA,CA. Leaving there for Santiago, Chile, just a stop on to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We arrived early afternoon. We sprnt the next two days there to to see the sights. The ones that stand out in my mine are the stone statue of Christ the Redeemer, and the ride to the top of Sugarloaf Mountian. spent our nights at JW Marriott resort.
Day 3 January 11 Flew to Iguazu it is between Brazil and Argentina, we saw it from both sides there are 275 falls in all , few waterfalls in the world can compare to the beatuy and majesty of the Iguazu Falls. We spent the night in the Panoramic Hotel Iguazu, on the Argentina side.
Some took a boat ride up the river to the falls I did not want to climb back up the hills, but I saw as much as the rest from where the guide took me and 4 other people. We saw some nose bears, a lot of butterflies.
Day 6 we will fly to Buenos Aires to board the ship.


  1. I see I have made a few misstakes, I will be more carfull next time.

  2. Mom, I love that you have a blog!